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Say Hello to your new face wash!

Bamboo Charcoal with Tea Tree + Lavender Essential oil

You've been searching the internet looking for the perfect product to cleanse that beautiful face of yours. Maybe you have blemishes, oily skin, dry skin, or your skin just looks dull. You've tried all the products with chemicals in them. Maybe they helped a little or not at all. Maybe you love all things natural. This soap is 100% natural and created with plant based oils; no animal fat!
Two years ago I created a soap formula added bamboo charcoal, tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil to it. Little did I know what an amazing product it would turn out to be. By far this IS my  best selling soap. I get so many reviews from customers on how this soap has helped with their acne, balanced their skin, shrank pores, softened, and brought back that beautiful glow.
Bamboo charcoal is an amazing ingredient that pulls dirt and toxins from skin like nothing else. Add tea tree oil which kills bacteria and a bit of lavender to help soothe skin and you have one over the top product.
I know it's a bit odd to wash your face with a black soap but don't worry; your face won't discolor. In fact that little bit of black suds is going to leave your skin clean and refreshed.
So what are you waiting for? It's the best $7 you'll ever spend on your face!


June 06, 2014 by Jean Hutchins

Soap Revolt Naturals to participate in luxury gift lounge in honor of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

We are pleased to announce Soap Revolt Naturals, in association with The Artisan Group, will participate in an invitation-only luxury celebrity gift lounge hosted by GBK Productions on April 11-12, 2014 at an exclusive location in Beverly Hills, California, in honor of The 2014 MTV Movie Awards Nominees and Presenters.

Our natural soap, body oil, beard oil, and lip balm will be prominently featured on display at The Artisan Group's exhibit, and all attending celebrities will receive our FlowerWood OC Body Oil or Vetiver + Vanilla Body Oil in their swag bags. This event will also be attended by nearly fifty press and media outlets.

Soap Revolt Naturals is a grassroots soap and body shop handcrafting premium natural products that provide a healthy option for your skin and the environment. Founded in 2011 by Jess (Jean) Grissom after a battle with cancer this little soap shop continues to put their name on the map while creating result driven products. Jess stated that she is determined to be the number one seller of face soap and beard oil. She is well on her way with customer reviews such as “I want to shout from the rooftops how amazing this soap is. Within days my skin was clear and balanced. I am beyond thrilled” by B. Mae or “Holy WOW it’s amazing how much clearer my skin has gotten!” by Stacey R.

“We are excited to be a part of the GBK Productions gift lounge bringing our artisan blended body oil to MTV celebrities” Jess (Jean) Grissom, owner of Soap Revolt Naturals.
To learn more about Soap Revolt Naturals and our products, or our participation in this exclusive event, visit or email

March 18, 2014 by Jessica Grissom