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Established in 2012. We are a small shop handcrafting natural soap and skincare products with premium plant based ingredients. With thoughtful formulations we are creating quality products that our customers integrate into their daily skincare regiment. We find it extremely rewarding to help our customers resolve skin issues after they've tried pretty much every product widely advertised.


Jess Grissom:  Owner & SoapMaker        


Since I was a small child I've made things with paper, sticks, material, and anything I could get my hands on. At age 11 I drew up plans to create my own hover craft. Let's just say it is a good thing I didn't have knowledge of how electromagnetic propulsion worked!

Fast forward...a few years later and I found myself battling cancer. With an ever curious mind I got to work researching the causes of lymphoma and asking the question "why has cancer rates risen drastically in the last 20 years?” This very important question led me to look at not only what we consume but what we apply to our skin.

Most people are not aware that our skin absorbs 60% of all products that we apply. After being absorbed the product is delivered directly into the bloodstream. The bloodstream carries the ingredients to hungry cells and the leftover is sent into the body's filtering system. Feeding chemicals to hungry cells is less than ideal. The body can suffer from an accumulation of toxins which leads to cell damage, disease, and cancer.

I immediately looked at every label in my house and I was shocked. I threw everything out and went on a hunt for chemical free products and quickly educated myself on such.

Armed with my new found knowledge and my "I can do that attitude" I decided to make my own products. The next thing I knew friends, family, and co-workers were asking to try my products. They loved them as much as I did.

Shortly after, I decided to open my Soap Revolt Naturals shop. It’s been a fast paced journey that has allowed me the opportunity to meet some really wonderful people.

Since opening I've tweaked formulas and packaging to give my customers amazing products. It's such a great feeling when customers share with me how my products have helped their skin conditions. For me that is what my company is about.