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Charcoal & Big Pumpkin Combo Pack

$ 6.99

Can't decide between Charcoal soap or Big Pumpkin? Maybe you like to use one in the morning and one at night. With this purchase you'll get 1/2 bar of Charcoal soap and 1/2 bar of Big Pumpkin.

Charcoal soap:

Tea Tree oil and activated charcoal absorb excess oil to leave dull, oily, and troubled skin clean and refreshed. Due to federal regulations I cannot say how this soap will actually help your skin. You can, however, see what my customers have to say about how it has helped them.

+ Tea Tree Oil - A powerful oil that kills bacteria known to cause breakouts
+ Lavender Oil - Calms and neutralizes the skin while also adding to an overall natural glow
+ Bamboo Activated Charcoal - Pulls dirt and toxins out like a magnet.

Big Pumpkin soap:

Extraordinary face wash with a light fresh scent.
A must have soap for troubled, sensitive, delicate or mature skin. Packed with skin healing ingredients that are rich in vitamin E and beta carotene.
Pumpkin is known to prevent cell damage and repair skin. If you've had trouble finding the right cleanser for your face give Big Pumpkin a try.

Soap Revolt Naturals - providing a healthy option for your skin and the environment.

Big Pumpkin Ingredients: saponified; purified water, organic oils of olive, sunflower, coconut, palm, & castor, pumpkin seed butter, shea butter, organic pumpkin puree

Charcoal Ingredients: saponified; organic oils of olive, sunflower, coconut, palm & castor, shea butter, purified water, essential oils, and bamboo charcoal

2 - 2 oz bars in one soap box

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